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IFC4 released!

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Dr.-Ing. Thomas Liebich, the Chair of buildingSMART International Model Support Group, made a long waited announcement today:

Today is a special day - after 6 years of intensive and hard work and many review and quality assurance cycles, the next generation of buildingSMART's flagship international standard IFC has been finally released - a collaborative work by buildingSMART's Model Support Group and all other contributors:

This marks the beginning of a new area of openBIM collaboration.

At the official IFC4 landing page you will find a "what's new" presentation, showing some highlights of the new release.

Of cause, the work hasn't been finished yet, the next important steps are:

  • Development of the first buildingSMART International Model View Definitions MVD, as the baseline for full IFC4 implementation efforts, starting with the IFC4 equivalences to the current coordination view 2.0, and other model views focussing on the new features, such as "product catalogues".
  • Support and orchestrate the IFC4 software interface implementation work for the major model views.
  • Guide and support the migration process from using IFC2x3 to using IFC4 based solutions

Those steps take time. In the mean time we should concentrate on and follow the ongoing IFC2x3 certification process where first achievements have been

acknowledged by granting export certificates, see

these products can then be used by design and construction professionals with higher quality for better work right away.

5/23/13Reijo Hänninen was elected to Deputy Chair of buildingSMART International
3/25/13IFC4 released!
3/17/13IC meeting in May moved to Helsinki, Finland
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